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Why breastfeeding?

Breast milk or milk formula, mother's breast or feeding-bottle? There are different points of view, but our article is addressed to moms, who have chosen their way, and not knowing all the nuances, are not only going to give their child the essential nutrients, but also to satisfy a lot of his other needs. Breast milk has everything the baby needs during the first six months. And in the next year - a year and a half - breastfeeding is not just a feeding for the child. Breastfeeding forms right psychophysiological relationships between mom and baby. With the breast milk the baby receives the substances that give additional protection against infection and form his good health in the future. In the case of cold mother's antibodies, received with the breast milk, help to quickly and easily cope with the diseases.
None of the baby nipples and bottles will be able to fully replace the natural things. And the breastfeeding is incredibly convenient – at any time, in any place food is available for the baby. And besides, it's free! Stay for a while near the baby food section and see how many cans and boxes are bought by the parents, look at the prices of such food. And not only food is required, but also the nipples, bottles, sterilizers, heater. Is it possible that mom cannot find the better investment?
Breast milk contains 10 times more different substances than artificial feeding. Many elements cannot be reproduced by the technological means. And each substance of mom's milk has its own unique function. And the protein of breast milk differs from cow protein.
Breastfeeding allows correctly to form the facial skeleton of the child. As a result, the child will have the right jaw and less logopedic problems.
And the huge amount of energy, consumed by the mom's body for milk production, let the woman to hold shape. Calcium is better stored in the lactation period, which means that the mother should not have problems with tooth and nails. The mother's body gives a large amount of microelements to the baby during pregnancy, but if the mother is not breastfeeding after the birth, the recovery of her body is not so good.
We would like to mention a very important fact - during pregnancy the mother needs the support and knowledge of consultants or nursing mothers on breastfeeding. And it's not just and advice but the recommendation of the World Health Organization. No matter that the motherhood is so natural, the mother still requires knowledge, and that knowledge should be gained before the birth of a baby.