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Size chart Nursing tank ILIFIA and breastfeeding top ILIFIA with short sleeve.

 ILIFIA breastfeeding top 130026 size chart

Mothers En Vogue

Size of the clothes is determined by the circumference of your breast. Circumference of waist is specified for the selection of the size of the dresses, circumference of hips – for the selection of the size of trousers.

Mothers En Vogue`s size
Bust, cm
Waist, cm (clothes for nursing) Waist, cm (clothes for pregnancy) Hips, cm (to select the pants)
XS 86.5  68.5  101.5  91.5
S 91.5  73.5  106.5  96.5
M 98  80  113  103
L 104  86.5  119.5  109
XL 110.5  93  126  118

Fancy Mom

In the table you will see the maximum sizes of circumference, when the clothes will be tight. If your sizes are larger than those indicated in the table, it is recommended to choose the next size.

Fancy Mom`s size
European equivalent
US equivalent
Bust, cm
Waist, cm
Hips, cm
S 34-36 6-8 88 70 94
M 38-40 10-12 96 78 100
L 42-44 12-14 104 86 106
XL 46-48 16-18 114 97 114


Expressiva`s size
US equivalent
Bust, cm
Waist, cm
Hips, cm
XS 4  86.5 66 89
S 6-8  91.5 71 94
M 10-12  96.5 76 99
L 12-14  104 84 106.7
XL 16-18  112 91.5 114

1 in the Oven

To select the right size of the top or a dress, watch the breast size. See the waist size when selecting the size of the trousers.
1 in the Oven`s size
US equivalent
Bust, cm
Waist, cm
S 2-4 86.5 89
M 6-8 91.5 94
L 10-12 96.5 99
XL 14 101.5 104


Mayreau`s size
US equivalent
Bust, cm
Waist, cm
XS 0-2 89 89
S 2-4 94 94
M 6-8 99 99
L 10-12 104 104
XL 14 109.3 109.3


For the correct determination of the size of the bra it is necessary to make two measurements. The first - directly under the breast and the second – point-by-point measurement of the breast (volume of the breast). It is necessary to hold the measuring tape horizontally. It is recommended to ask somebody to take your measurements, because it is necessary to stand straight with relaxed shoulders and to lower hands down to receive the exact measurements. Exhale air from the lungs while measuring.
We recommend to make measurements with the put on bra and ordinary soft cups (not push-up, without the foam insertions, etc.), in which you feel yourself most comfortable.
It is necessary to make the measurements under the breast while tightly taking the measuring tape to the breast, otherwise the bra will keep the breast badly.
It is necessary to take the point-by-point measurements of the breast with the least tightness of the measuring tape in order not to tighten the breast by the measuring tape.

Bra sizes table

Dimensional table for nightgowns and underwear of the company Alles.

Underwear sizes table for Alles