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Getting ready to give birth: Packing list for the hospital

The moment of labour is approaching and you need to pack bags to take with you when you go to the hospital or birth center. We prepared a list of items that every pregnant women should take into the hospital recommended by our experienced moms. You may add or remove something, however, we hope that the information in this section will help you select necessary items and pack your labor back without any delays. We suggest put the things in different bags and sign them with a thick marker to prevent you from dragging all of your stuff around the labour and birth wing. Several items such as baby clothes or towel are better to take in two or more pieces. However, this depends on labour if it takes place without any significant medical intervention or by caesarian section. Plans of parents also play a significant role. Namely, do you plan to use a baby nappy, will you swaddle the baby, etc. In any case, having the items packed will allow you to breathe easily again.


1. Mother pass (medical certificate).
2. Agreement to sign with birth center and/or midwife ( if you decide to do so).
3. Insurance policy (if you have it).
4. Passports of mother and father, marriage certificate.
5. X-ray records (father) made during last year. Sometimes it enclosed in mother pass and is necessary if father decide to be present during labor and delivery.
6. Bank account, if you apply for maternity allowance in hospital .
7. Paper of vaccination refusal (if you decide to refuse vaccination).You may be asked to show the paper and it is better to be prepared.

What should I take into the delivery room?

1. Nightgown or large T-short for labour.
2. Thin cotton socks.
3. Small hand towel (to wipe sweat, etc).
4. Drinking water in a small bottle, better with sports tip for convenience. Take quite a few bottles.
5. Adult diaper in the form of panties.
6. Oil for perineum massage.

Other important things for moms

1. Rubber slippers. They are comfortable to wear in shower, and easy to wash. In comparison, cozy house shoes get dirty easily.
2. Clean indoor footwear (if you do not want to stay in rubber sleepers all the time).
3. Socks, several pair (they can get dirty or wet).
4. Front-opening nighties if you are going to breastfeed (better take two).
5. Nursing top or T-shirt (you can find convenient designs specially made for breastfeeding).
6. Robe.
7. Sports suit.
8. Pants that you do not mind to throw out later (better to take more than enough). Also you can wear disposable panties that are convenient in use, however not everyone like them.
9. Postpartum pads. It is also possible to use a good night's sanitary pads.
10. Nursing bra with flaps (if you wish) and disposable nursing bra pads (best option is pads with special absorbent composition, not cotton ones as they getting wet quickly).
11. Going-home outfit for mom. Whatever you choose, sport wears or dress, that is your own decision. Just remember, that after you gave a birth the tummy will not disappeared straight away and often many antenatal clothes will not fit you properly.
12. Snacks – chocolate bars, crackers, fruits. First and foremost, they help to maintain mother’s strength through the process. Moreover, father will not remain hungry.

For your baby

1. Nappies. Do not carry whole pack with you; it is always possible to buy more at the drugstore. In the average you will need 8-10 pieces per day.
2. Underpads (take a sufficient number as you can use them not only for changing, but also as towel). You can pick large, medium or small underpads. Many parents reject swaddling and as result cannot sleep in first days after delivery because baby is awake. Thus, in some cases, swaddling is the only way to sleep well for whole family.
3. You also can take two additional baby towels.
4. Disposable underpads 60x60 cm. Actually, it is the way out not only for baby but for mother also. You can apply them on the bed.
5. Blanket (flannel), if you want to cover baby with your own blanket.
6. Clothes – socks, bodysuits, rompers with long legs, some parents prefer leggings and tees. For summer babies take short-sleeved bodysuits and rompers, and long-sleeved items for winter child. Also you can add a warm cardis in your list if you going to give a birth during winter. For your convenience all clothes should have vest design and closures at the front in the form of snaps. Thus, you can easily open and take off the dress. Do not forget to take baby hat. If you wish you can put scratch mittens in the baby bag. Some mom recommend to bring sleeping backs into the hospital. It is important to note, that there is no need to do heavy shopping before you baby is born as children grow up very fast. Moreover, baby clothes are favorite gift of relatives and friends.
7. Going-home outfit for baby. Your choice depends on the season. Popular special children’s envelops are warm and comfortable. Underneath you can use the overall.
8. Car seat (for sure this is not obligatory thing to take with you into the birth center, however, you should think about save way of delivering you baby at home).
9. Bottle and milk formulas. We already informed you that it is extremely important for baby to receive colostrum. Even more, the benefits of nursing are well known. In this case, existence of feeding bottle in your bag will force you to give additional food to your baby and will play negative role for both of you. However, here we talk about necessary things to put in your maternity bag, thus, feeding bottle and milk formulas may be essential after your baby is born. Do not forget to take contacts of breastfeeding specialists and call them before start bottle feeding.

What Dad Needs to Pack for the Hospital Bag?

1. Sport slacks and T-shirt.
2. Clean indoor footwear (for example: rubber shoes).
3. Socks.

Personal Hygiene items

1. Flavourless liquid soup.
2. Baby soup (if you wish). Some parents do not wipe and bath a baby in the early days. Just slightly sponge the child in order not to irritate baby skin, which stay nine months in the water, and now expose aggressive environmental effects such as clothing, etc. Buttocks can be wiped with a damp cloth than needed.
3. Baby scissors with rounded tips. Some babies are born with long nails.
4. Hydrogen dioxide, green antiseptic or other agent for cleaning the navel. Incidentally brilliant green is not always good, because it hides the signs of inflammation.
5. Shampoo.
6. Toothbrush and toothpaste.
7. Large towel for the shower.
8. Hand towel.
9. Bepanten or other creams for breast nipples care.
10. Cosmetics application not be recommended, as the baby is important “to smell mother”, not a fragrance of perfume. But this is just our recommendation, not the requirement. Anyway, you can use a roll-on deodorant and hygienic lipstick.
11. Soft toilet paper.
12. Laxatives, such as Mikrolaks.
13. Baby wipes. Some moms do not recommend using wet wipes, as they can cause allergic reaction. Other moms consider it to be a great helper.
14. Comb or hairbrush and hair binder.
15. Housewares and kitchen towel if you need.
16. Quality paper towels if needed. Do not take the cheap ones, they quickly end up and take much space in your bag.

Other useful items

1. Money for contingencies. For example, to buy sweets for midwife or labour set.
2. Digital camera, video camera and the like.
3. Mobile phone and charger.
4. Water heater.
5. Laptop, book.
6. Notebook, pen.