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Clothing for breastfeeding

World Health Organization recommends feeding the baby at the request - as often as he wants. And the mother should feed the baby until he lets the breast. It is necessary not only for food, but also for the emotional comfort of the child. And what can be done if the mother is shopping center, in the cafe or in another public place at the moment? Each person - is a personality, and for one mother is not uncomfortable to denude the breast and to feed the baby in a public place, but another nursing mother can feel quite uncomfortable during this process. But the disturbance and other emotions are imparted to the baby along with the milk.
So it is very important to do everything possible for the mom to be ready to feed her baby at any time and in any place, and the presence of people around her would not cause troubles for her. Special breastfeeding clothes helps nursing mother to feed the baby almost imperceptibly to the others. The variety of blouses, tops, T-shirts and dresses allow choosing clothes for every occasion. Besides, the breastfeeding clothes was created not only for imperceptible breastfeeding, but also for the maximum comfort. You can agree with us that is not so comfortable to unbutton the ordinary blouse or to raise the T-shirt to allow access to the breast. Therefore the models of the breastfeeding clothes are produced not only for going out, but also for home and sleep. Some models are specially designed for the bag to the maternity hospital.
Breastfeeding clothes is designed to make the opening of the breast both secret and convenient. Most of the models are made of qualitative and natural fabrics, what allows the process of feeding to be more natural. Such fabrics as bamboo fiber, modal, viscose, organic cotton - are actively used for breastfeeding clothes.
Several manufacturers produce models that can be used both during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby, in the process of breastfeeding. The most successful models do not embarrass the mother during pregnancy, and after the birth of a child, in the first months, hide the slightly flattened belly and allow comfortably and prettily to feed the baby!