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Menu for breastfeeding mother

Nature gave each woman a unique opportunity to develop a harmonious relationship with their newborn baby through the visual, tactile, strong energy and close physical contact through breastfeeding. This is the most memorable and blessed period when the child so devotedly trusts his mother and gives her a sincere love. If a woman is properly organised the process of breastfeeding then during the first 6 months her baby does not need any solid food. Breast milk contains every element which is necessary for infant development. Prolonged lactation maintains a perfect balance of unique Mom-Child system and has a beneficial effect on mother’s and child’s physical and mental health. Ultimate nutrition is the best gift that for you and your child.


Breastfeeding diet myths

Sadly, but today the opinions of majority woman about breastfeeding are based on various prejudices and myths that are passed from "generation to generation." The most common myth is that a breastfeeding mother has to be obsessive about what she eats.
Breastfeeding is a natural process and it would be strange if its success depended directly on the special nutrition. In such a situation in less developed countries few children would survive. According to current researches the amount of fat, minerals and vitamins in the milk does not depend on the breastfeeding mother’s nutrition.


Choosing the right nursing bra

In this guide we decide to show you the essentials of nursing bras. Namely, to explain its peculiarities and help you in selecting perfect nursing bra for your breast. Once you get started nursing, your breasts are filled with milk, therefore, requirements for nursing bra are increasing, including both design and fabrics. Breast of nursing mother, especially in the beginning, are most sensitive. It is important that nursing bra should be of the right size, comfortable and made from soft and non-irritating material. A feeding bra should support your growing breasts and have convenient way for opening. Besides that, do not forget about the aesthetic aspect - modern nursing bras come in a variety of colors and styles.


Getting ready to give birth: Packing list for the hospital

The moment of labour is approaching and you need to pack bags to take with you when you go to the hospital or birth center. We prepared a list of items that every pregnant women should take into the hospital recommended by our experienced moms. You may add or remove something, however, we hope that the information in this section will help you select necessary items and pack your labor back without any delays. We suggest put the things in different bags and sign them with a thick marker to prevent you from dragging all of your stuff around the labour and birth wing. Several items such as baby clothes or towel are better to take in two or more pieces. However, this depends on labour if it takes place without any significant medical intervention or by caesarian section. Plans of parents also play a significant role. Namely, do you plan to use a baby nappy, will you swaddle the baby, etc. In any case, having the items packed will allow you to breathe easily again.


Fabrics for breastfeeding clothes

In this article we would like to briefly describe the properties of fabrics that are used for production of clothing, offered in our online shop. Let's start with viscose.
Viscose - man-made fiber, which is produced from natural material - cellulose. Viscose can be considered the most “natural” material from all synthetic fabrics. Viscose is soft and very smooth to the touch, greatly absorbs moisture and is very breathable, allowing this fabric to come near the fabrics made of cotton and to be even better. Also we would like to note that the viscose does not accumulate static electricity. Washing on delicate regime. Wet viscose is not recommended to be twisted.
Bamboo fiber is made from raw materials of bamboo pulp. Its delicacy reminds the classic viscose and it has high tenacity. Fabric made of bamboo fiber is soft and smooth to the touch. Fabrics is very breathable and at the same time keeps coolness.
Bamboo fabric has special properties. It is antibacterial - stops the bacterial growth due to the presence in the fiber of a special substance, called “bambuban”. Even after many washings the fabric maintains that substance, and an antibacterial property does not disappear. Also, bamboo fabric protects against harmful UV rays.
Modal - is a cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, which is obtained from wood. Modal durability is higher than that durability of ordinary viscose. Unlike cotton, this fabric has a small percentage of shrinkage and absorbs moisture half as much as cotton, creates light “coolness” in hot weather. After washing this fabric is always more soft than cotton. And in combination with cotton, modal improves the appearance of an item and maintains brightness of colours, and the fabric remains smooth to the touch even after repeated washings. As the fiber of modal is very smooth, the minimum amount of washing powder remains on fabric after washing, so when you wear the product of modal, the probability of allergic reaction to the washing powder is substantially reduced.


Why breastfeeding?

Breast milk or milk formula, mother's breast or feeding-bottle? There are different points of view, but our article is addressed to moms, who have chosen their way, and not knowing all the nuances, are not only going to give their child the essential nutrients, but also to satisfy a lot of his other needs. Breast milk has everything the baby needs during the first six months. And in the next year - a year and a half - breastfeeding is not just a feeding for the child. Breastfeeding forms right psychophysiological relationships between mom and baby. With the breast milk the baby receives the substances that give additional protection against infection and form his good health in the future. In the case of cold mother's antibodies, received with the breast milk, help to quickly and easily cope with the diseases.
None of the baby nipples and bottles will be able to fully replace the natural things. And the breastfeeding is incredibly convenient – at any time, in any place food is available for the baby. And besides, it's free! Stay for a while near the baby food section and see how many cans and boxes are bought by the parents, look at the prices of such food. And not only food is required, but also the nipples, bottles, sterilizers, heater. Is it possible that mom cannot find the better investment?
Breast milk contains 10 times more different substances than artificial feeding. Many elements cannot be reproduced by the technological means. And each substance of mom's milk has its own unique function. And the protein of breast milk differs from cow protein.
Breastfeeding allows correctly to form the facial skeleton of the child. As a result, the child will have the right jaw and less logopedic problems.
And the huge amount of energy, consumed by the mom's body for milk production, let the woman to hold shape. Calcium is better stored in the lactation period, which means that the mother should not have problems with tooth and nails. The mother's body gives a large amount of microelements to the baby during pregnancy, but if the mother is not breastfeeding after the birth, the recovery of her body is not so good.
We would like to mention a very important fact - during pregnancy the mother needs the support and knowledge of consultants or nursing mothers on breastfeeding. And it's not just and advice but the recommendation of the World Health Organization. No matter that the motherhood is so natural, the mother still requires knowledge, and that knowledge should be gained before the birth of a baby.


Clothing for breastfeeding

World Health Organization recommends feeding the baby at the request - as often as he wants. And the mother should feed the baby until he lets the breast. It is necessary not only for food, but also for the emotional comfort of the child. And what can be done if the mother is shopping center, in the cafe or in another public place at the moment? Each person - is a personality, and for one mother is not uncomfortable to denude the breast and to feed the baby in a public place, but another nursing mother can feel quite uncomfortable during this process. But the disturbance and other emotions are imparted to the baby along with the milk.
So it is very important to do everything possible for the mom to be ready to feed her baby at any time and in any place, and the presence of people around her would not cause troubles for her. Special breastfeeding clothes helps nursing mother to feed the baby almost imperceptibly to the others. The variety of blouses, tops, dresses and T-shirts allow choosing clothes for every occasion. Besides, the breastfeeding clothes was created not only for imperceptible breastfeeding, but also for the maximum comfort. You can agree with us that is not so comfortable to unbutton the ordinary blouse or to raise the T-shirt to allow access to the breast. Therefore the models of the breastfeeding clothes are produced not only for going out, but also for home and sleep. Some models are specially designed for the bag to the maternity hospital.
Breastfeeding clothes is designed to make the opening of the breast both secret and convenient. Most of the models are made of qualitative and natural fabrics, what allows the process of feeding to be more natural. Such fabrics as bamboo fiber, modal, viscose, organic cotton - are actively used for breastfeeding clothes.
Several manufacturers produce models that can be used both during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby, in the process of breastfeeding. The most successful models do not embarrass the mother during pregnancy, and after the birth of a child, in the first months, hide the slightly flattened belly and allow comfortably and prettily to feed the baby!