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Nursing openings


Drop down cup access

Available in our selected maternity wear are also breastfeeding dresses and nursing tops featured with an easy access to the breast, by unclasping the top layer and lowering it down. This method is used to help breastfeeding mothers open the summer tops and bras. Many of the summer tops with such way of opening have a built-in bra with special pockets for soft cups.


Opening through the neckline

This is a common method of opening that is used in the summer collection of nursing wear, with short sleeves or without sleeves, and in the winter collection of nursing wear, with long sleeves. The front part of the clothes has at least two layers of fabric, and sometimes even three (for example the some Wrapper model). For these types of models the elasticity of fabric is very important, as it is necessary to lower down the top decorative layer. High quality viscose, or cotton with elastane is perfect for such clothes.

Opening from under breast

This is a convenient way to access the breast for feeding a baby. The top layer of the fabric needs to be slightly raised, and there is the bottom layer with cuts-out for the secret access to the breast of the breastfeeding mom. The nursing wear from the winter collection often have this type of opening, so as not to denude the neck and breast of the mom during breastfeeding. Sometimes, selected summer collection offers this type of opening.

Opening from below

In our opinion it is the least convenient way to open the breast, as it is necessary to take up a lot of fabric to produce such maternity wear. Fashion however, dictates its own rules, and at first glance the models with this type of opening are not different from ordinary clothes, and do not have front seams or pleats.

 The vertical opening in the middle of the top

Certain nursing tops and breastfeeding dresses with such way of opening often have invisible elegant zipper in front, which opens access to the breast. This design allows breastfeeding mothers to use just one layer of fabric in front, making maternity wear with such way of opening lighter and more comfortable for hot summer days.


Opening on the side

This method of opening is very convenient for breastfeeding, although not so common. The front layer in this maternity wear usually hangs freely, allowing  small defects of puerperal tummy of breastfeeding mother to be gently covered.